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Is it necessary for BIW Designer to have knowledge of panel checking and assembly checking fixture?

I will say it will be better to have knowledge of panel and assembly checking fixture.

Someone will ask me do you need panel checking fixture?
Yes, all the die shop quality owner will say say.
It's important to have all the datum and holes as per the control plan.

For BIW engineer it is necessary to know all the PLP and what is clamping scheme of panel inspection fixture.

Now a days many OEM are talking about scanning and checking the panel quality.
In this case no need of panel inspection fixture.

Assembly checking fixture

Many Tier 2 and 3 suppliers are asked to make assembly checking fixture as any any deviation in the child part will have impact on the larger assemblies.

In chassis many OEM's and Tier 1 follow assembly checking fixture to see consistency of the welded assembly.
Now a days online checking concept is followed.

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Is there any training institutes for BIW Fixture training?

Many designer who has referred to my blog has asked this question to me.

I will talk about India, I do not know whether there is any institutes who will teach engineers or working professional to take the carrier in BIW.
Mostly engineers are getting trained on job and they make their carrier in the field.
I have seen 1-3 days training course conducted by design/ engineering service companies to enhance the skill of their engineers.

I always believe you need to train engineer such a way that he/she gains basic skill set to start the carrier in BIW.
It's my dream to have training class where engineers are taught basics of BIW and also they should be able to see some live components such as  clamp unit, pin, rest unit, rough locator and if possible one or two types of guns (C,X,Y).

If I have any such plan I will update ... on the blog

Is it possible to weld Steel with Aluminium in BIW?

All the technical people working in automotive  always has question in their mind, Is it possible to weld  Aluminium with Steel?

Yes, it is possible to weld Steel with Aluminium.
Few OEM'S has already developed the technology.

Possibility is getting explored for having Aluminium roof getting welded to steel body side.


How Clamp unit is designed?

Please go through the below procedure if you would like to design clamp unit. 1.First study process planning document, if it is alreadyavailable. Process documentshould contain no of panels to be welded.         Total no of spots. If welding gun is alreadyrecommended by process engineer study it in details like shape and its type(C, X or Y).Before starting the design, study the PLP (Principle Location Points) data along with the nearby spot data. 2. If you are using any specific CADsoftware as per the customer requirement e.g. CATIA, UG, FIDES understand the customer guidelines how to create the fixture, unit, weldment and base fabrication. Once you have understanding of CAD software methodology to be followed for design of single part, Unit assembly and base then start the design by adding the panel assembly in your fixture or unit assembly. 3. Takean overview of the working height if you’re having manual welding. For robotic welding also it’s important to see the working height in consi…

Sheet Metal Component Suppliers from India

Dear Colleagues,Attempt is to give name of the companies who supply sheet metal components to various auto OEM's. The sole purpose is to inform the young engineers who are working in BIW domain.Please feel free to contact me if you want to add any specific company.  Cosma Magna,, PuneGanage PressingMUSCO (Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Ltd) Kanhe , Pune, Autoline , Chakan, PunePanase

Importance of Iron Carbon Diagram in BIW Industry

Iron Carbon Diagram Any importance in BIW domain
Most of Engineer working in BIW domain either BIW Product designer, BIW die designer, BIW fixture designer, BIW process designer , BIW pain shop Engineer, BIW Weld shop engineer will mention Metallurgy was not my area of interest during academics

Does Iron Carbon Diagram has some importance in carrier of Engineer who works in BIW Domain?
I will say definitely Yes.
To be very honest with all of you. I never understood Iron Carob Diagram during college.
But in carrier I started learning it once again.

BIW Engineer every now and then deals with sheet metal panel made of various steel grades.BIW welding engineer deals with so many structural steel materials to make various welding fixture components.BIW die designer has to deal with various steel grade for BIW panel die design.BIW product designer has to know various steel materials to select material during panel designBIW weld shop Engineer has to look every time weld parameter for sheet m…

Riveting/ Clinching joining

Rivet joining:  
Will it be replacement to spot or MIG welding?
 I am not expert to comment on it.
But definitely in some application rivet joining is getting used.

e.g. Aluminium panel joining.
Many German OEM are using rivet joining method for aluminium panel joining.

Clinching :
Few BIW components are getting joined together with clinching process where hydraulic press are used with specially designed  tools which has something gun type shape and specially designed clinching dies.

Please refer to few sites to understand the method.

Many more to come in next blog update